Tradovate Charting FAQ's
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How can I view a chart?

You can view a chart in several ways. We will start from the beginning, but your default layout should include a chart. If modifications have been made and you need to add a chart, you will click the "+" in the top left of the platform and then drag the Chart icon to wherever you would like to dock this (an area to itself, tabbed within a current module, etc.)

Once this module is docked where you want it, it will ask you what symbol you would like to view the chart for and you would simply type in a search term (symbol, name, partial name, exchange, etc) and our smart search tool will pull up any relevant products as you type.

Once you find the product you want to add, you can click on it and then click Select and the chart will populate with the default settings which you can then modify to your trading style.

The second method of adding a chart is using the search bar at the top of the platform and as the product pulls up, you can hover your mouse over it to expand the menu and pull up specific modals or click and drag the Chart icon to add the chart to your layout:

You can also right-click on a quote in your Quote Board to bring up the additional menu to pull up specific modals or click and drag the Chart icon to add the chart to your layout:

How do I change or remove chart indicators?

Modifying or removing indicators can be done in one of two ways.

You can double-left-click on the indicator itself to modify or remove it:

You can also click the gear icon in the chart and then Configure and select the indicator you would like to change or remove.

How do I find a contract?

Our search engine allows users to easily find contract symbols and information. Once you begin typing the name of the contract or the symbol in the search bar at the top of the trader, the engine will automatically populate and you can select a contract and view the contract details:

Viewing current Day's Trades

You can display the current session’s fills on your chart by enabling Show Fills in the Chart Settings. To do so click Configure Chart Elements:

Then enable Show Fills:

Your chart will now display fills on the chart. To customize the appearance, click Configure Chart Elements:

Select the product to open the Chart Editor:

You can now select to show fills and/or lines between paired trades and customize the colors of these:

You will now see the fills on your chart based on your configuration. If you hover your mouse over the trade line between paired trades, you will also see details on the buy and sell price and any P/L amount:

How to see Buy/Sell Pairings

Traders can update their charts to show order pairings. This will allow them to see where certain fills were processed and can help with reporting.

From your chart, you will need to select the 'Chart Settings' box and select 'Show Fills'. When that is checked you will be able to see lines connecting buys and sells.


If you would like to update the colors of your fills you can select the 'Configure Chart Elements' which is located right next to the 'Chart Settings' icon. A box will come up that will allow you change the colors and settings of your chart.


Can I Link Quotes to My Chart?

Yes, you can modify your chart settings to Link to Quotes to allow your chart to update to any contract you click on within your Quotes module.

To enable Link to Quotes, please follow the instructions here.

Filtering Bid/Ask Candles

You can filter the volume displayed by configuring the Bid-Ask candles. Click Configure Chart Elements:

Select the product to open the Chart Editor:

You can then enter the amount you would like to filter the Bid-Ask candles by:

These candles will now only show the traded volume if the total is above 20 contracts:

How do I access Advanced Charting in Tradovate?

The Tradovate platform comes with Advanced Charting built-in, including volume profile, bid/ask volume, Heikin Ashi, Renko, and Point & Figure.

You can open Bid-Ask Volume candles, Heiken Ashi, Renko, and Point and Figures charts by clicking Chart Type in the top left of the chart:


Click Bid-Ask Volume to update the chart to Bid-Ask Volume candles:

Click Heikin Ashi to update the chart:


Click Renko to update the chart and then click the Configure Chart Elements to select box size:


Click Point & Figure to update the chart and then click the Configure Chart Elements to select box size and reversal value:


You can add a volume profile by clicking Line Tools on the left side of the chart:

Once selected you will click the area of the chart you would like the volume profile located and it will appear covering 3 bars by default. You can select the beginning or end of the profile to modify the number of bars included:

To modify the display of the volume profile and active values, double-click the volume profile to show the profile settings:

Can I turn off orders from appearing on my chart?

You can turn off trade mode on the charts by going to the upper right corner of the module, clicking the gear icon, and unchecking the Trade Mode.

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