Tradovate Mobile FAQ's
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How do I access my account reports?

You can access reports in our Reports modal by clicking on the margin bars at the top of the platform or the reports icon in the sidebar:

How do I link modules on my smartphone?

Linking a DOM and/or a chart module to a quote board allows you to quickly switch the symbols in those modules when tapping on another symbol on the quote board. This link can be made when tapping on the gear icons in the top right corner of both DOM and Chart modules.

Here you will need to toggle Link to Quotes to On. Once this is done, you will see the Chart and or DOM will automatically switch the symbol selected in the Quote Board:

How do I switch between open modules on my smartphone?

Navigating between modules on the workspace carousel can be done by tapping on the double square button in the bottom left corner of the platform:

Then swipe left to right or vice versa to see all open modules and tap the module you wish to see:

When tapping on a module icon, it will immediately take you to that particular module without needing to swipe:

Alternatively, using a three-finger left-to-right or right-to-left swipe gesture will allow for even faster switching between modules:

How do I set up push notifications?

You can activate push notifications by first tapping on the bottom right icon:

Then click on the Settings icon in the top right corner:

In the settings menu, tap on Application Settings, and scrolling down the page will show the push notifications settings:

How do I set order flag/bracket orders on my smartphone?

To set order flags, tap on the flag icon at the top of the DOM module:

To set up bracket orders, tap on the brackets and configure the bracket settings for that particular symbol:

How do I use drawing tools on my mobile device?

Drawing tools can be added by tapping in the chart, followed by tapping on the drawing tools chart menu:

Now select the type of drawing tool you would want to add:

Now tap and hold in the chart where you would want the drawing tool to start followed by tap and holding the end point. The drawing tool will become visible:

When you tap and hold the drawing, two dots will become visible and can now be modified, both in angle and length:

How do I zoom & pan charts on my mobile device?

You can zoom in and out of the chart by using the pinch gesture:

Double-tapping the chart will allow you to zoom in incrementally:

Zooming in on a selected area of your choice is also possible First, click the (+) magnifying glass and then tap and hold in the chart at the corner of the selected area. Then tap and hold diagonally across to define the area you wish to zoom into. The chart will then zoom in and auto-fit:

You can undo the zoom by tapping the (-) magnifying glass button.

Double tapping the price axis will adjust the chart to show the high and low for that current zoom:

Moving around the chart can be done by swiping both horizontally and vertically:

How do I rearrange modules in my tablet layout?

To rearrange modules on your tablet’s layout, you first need to tap the Add Modules double square icon in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Now the existing module tiles can be moved around your workspace to where you would like to have them:

The size of these tiles can also be changed by tapping and dragging the bottom right corner of any module to the size you would like:

How do I switch between open modules on my tablet?

If the workspace contains module tabs, modules can be switched by simply tapping on the respective tab:

By swiping up or down you will be able to navigate to any modules that are currently not in view:

How do I add modules to my tablet?

To add a module to an existing module tile, click on the plus icon beside the module’s tab and the new module will be automatically added to that tile:

Adding a new module tile to your tablet’s workspace can be done by tapping the Add Modules double square icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Then tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and the available modules will be listed:

Next, select the module you wish to add by tapping it. The module will be added as a new tile at the bottom of the workspace:

Tapping the plus button will minimize the module selection bar and allow the module tiles to be rearranged the way you like:

Note that you can change the size of each module tile by tapping the bottom right corner of each tile and resize by dragging it:

How do I add modules to my smartphone?

Adding new modules to your smartphone’s workspace can be done by tapping the double square icon in the bottom left corner:

Then tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen:

You can now select which module you would like to add. Simply tapping any of the module icons will create a new module and place it beside the module you were last on:

If you tap and hold any of the module icons, you will be able to drag that module and select to either place it to the left or right of the module currently in view:

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