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How can I configure and/or activate ATM orders?
How can I configure and/or activate ATM orders?
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To configure ATM orders, select the ATM settings icon from either the DOM or the Chart and a dialog box will appear:

You can name a configuration (and store multiple different configurations by contract which can be selected from the dropdown)

Each ATM can be set to: "Take Profit AND Stop Loss", "Take Profit ONLY", "Stop Loss ONLY"

After Configuring the Quantity per bracket and other Profit/Loss Parameters, you can save the configuration

If ATM is enabled ("ON"), the DOM (or Chart) will highlight the Main and Contingent orders based on the named configuration currently selected in the dropdown:

If enabled, order confirmations will show all Orders (from nearest to farthest in relation to the main order):

Working and Suspended orders will display on the DOM (or Chart):


There is a minimum allowed stop loss and take profit setting of 15 ticks for the E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ) and Micro E-mini NASDAQ 100 (MNQ) when configuring an ATM order. This is to prevent unrealistic order entry and functionality by allowing SIM traders to place orders that better replicate trading in the live market. This should help when transitioning from the Simulated environment to the Live environment.

Q: Why is there a minimum amount of ticks configured for ATM orders on Tradovate but not NinjaTrader?

Tradovate and NinjaTrader do not share the same simulated environment. Each system provides its own simulated environment, with subtle differences in the fills.

The minimums on Tradovate are in place to function similarly to other platforms in our program. While there are no minimum tick requirements on other platforms at this time, we do recommend focusing on a strategy with wider profit targets and stops more significant than the minimums available on Tradovate today.

Q: Why don’t you have the same features Tradovate has on their personal accounts?

We want traders to learn and practice profitable trading strategies that they can carry with them when they transition from sim to live. If we were to continue allowing traders to experience an unrealistic sense of success or profitability in SIM that does not translate to live, then we would be doing them a disservice. We want to set our traders up for success, not failure.

Q: Why are there tick minimums on NQ and MNQ, but not on other products?

Each market is unique and comes with different types of price action. Markets that move more quickly and have less depth will have higher minimums on ATM orders. Markets that have deeper market depth and move less erratically will have lower minimums on ATM orders.

Q: Can I change platforms?

Under your current subscription, you cannot change platforms. If you’d like to start a new subscription on another platform, you can.

Q: Is this change effective in the Live Funded Account?

No, the purpose of this update is to make the Simulated Market as reflective as possible to the Live Market.

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