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How do I use Market Replay in Tradovate?
How do I use Market Replay in Tradovate?
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The Tradovate platform comes with Market Replay built-in, including full market depth and trading capabilities.

To launch Market Replay in Tradovate, click on the Application Settings icon in the top right corner of the platform:


Click the Add-On Tools tab and click Activate More Add-Ons:


You will then see a confirmation message. Once agreed and confirmed, you can open Market Replay by clicking the account dropdown menu and selecting the Go-To Replay:


Enter the start date and time you would like the replay to begin, how fast you would like the market to be played back, the initial balance of the equity to trade with during the session, and whether you would like it replayed in your current layout or select another layout from your saved list and click Start Replay*:

*Please note that you cannot replay your trades at this time.

You will now see that you have a new “replay” account number and the balance has been updated:


You will also see that the chart and quotes/DOM data is showing action from the selected start date and time.You can see a new area in the header of the platform that displays the time and the speed at which it is replaying.

You can click the dropdown on this area to pause, adjust the speed, view the date and time currently being displayed or close and exit the replay.

It is important to note that Market Replay on many other platforms is limited to the best bid and offer, Tradovate shows the complete market depth and includes trading capabilities.

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