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Advanced Tradovate Customization
Updated over a week ago

Is there functionality to turn off the order confirmation window when placing an order?

Yes, you can turn off order confirmations by going into the General Settings icon in the top right of the platform, clicking on the Application Settings button on the left, and changing the User Confirmations to Disabled.

Can I modify the background colors?

The platform does not allow customizable colors for the background but we do include a dark and light theme. If you want to switch between the two themes, you can click on the Application Settings icon in the upper right corner of the platform click on the Applications Settings button on the left, and change the Theme between Light or Dark.

Can I rearrange the windows (modules) after they have been added to the layout?

Yes, you can click in the header of the module and drag it to other areas of your layout, add it as a tab, rearrange tabs, etc.

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