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Can I use hotkeys with Tradovate?
Can I use hotkeys with Tradovate?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can enable and configure hotkeys to use with the Tradovate platform.

To enable hotkeys, click on the Application Settings icon in the top right corner of the platform:


Scroll down to the Hotkeys section, and click enable:

Click the arrow to expand the hotkey and adjust your settings and then click the switch to turn the hotkey on:

Click a text field to record a custom hotkey configuration. You can use Alt, Ctrl, and Alt + Shift key modifiers.

For example, switch on 'Show Join Bid / Join Ask, then simultaneously click Ctrl + M into the Hotkey section. You'll see a confirmation at the top of your screen:

You can reset your settings anytime by clicking 'Reset' next to the hotkey:

Click 'Restore Defaults' anytime to remove all custom hotkeys and switch each individual hotkey off. Once you click 'Restore Defaults', you will lose all previously entered hotkey settings:

To disable hotkeys entirely, turn the switch off. When they aren't enabled, it should say "Hotkeys aren't active." You can disable and enable hotkeys whenever you want, and when you re-enable them, all of your previous hotkey settings will be saved for you:

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