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How do I use alerts in Tradovate?
How do I use alerts in Tradovate?
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The Tradovate platform comes with conditional alerts built-in. These alerts can range from simple conditions to advanced, multi-level conditional alerts.

To create/edit alerts in Tradovate, click on the Alerts icon in the top left corner of the platform:

This will default to the New Alert tab where you can create new Simple or Advanced alerts.

With our Simple alerts, you can select to be alerted when a condition occurs on a particular Symbol, Account, or Position.

Advanced alerts can also be created to alert you based on meeting any or all of the conditions selected when creating the alert.

To manage your alerts, you can switch to the List of Alerts tab and see any Active, Triggered, or Disabled alerts and you can choose to Edit, Reset, Disable, or Delete alerts altogether:

Once an alert is generated, you will be notified through an audio notification as well as a visual cue on the alerts icon, and hovering over this will provide more details of the alert:

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