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How to: Adjust plot execution on charts

If you do not want to view your order executions plotted on your chart you can disable them by following these steps:

  1. From your chart click the Data Series button, or right-click on your chart and choose Data Series...

  2. Scroll to the bottom to Plot executions and select how you want your trades to be plotted on this particular chart.

  • Text and marker will display an arrow and text that includes the execution type, lot size, and price.

  • Marker only will only display an arrow wherever you made executions.

  • Do not plot will remove any execution markers on your chart.

After making your selection you can click 'OK'. This customization can be done on any of your individual charts.

How to: Add an instrument

If you do not have a product that you want to trade currently in your Instrument List you can quickly add it to NinjaTrader 8 by following the instructions below:

  1. From the Control Center click on the Tools menu and choose Instrument List.

  2. In the Lists column click on Futures.

  3. At the bottom of the Instruments column click 'add'.

  4. Type in the symbol of the futures product you want to add followed by the contract month and click 'enter' on your keyboard.

  • For example, the May 2017 Crude Oil contract would be entered as 'CL 05-17'.

  • You can find the symbols and active contact months from our list of permitted products here.

Click 'Apply' and 'OK'. You will now be able to choose this instrument to place trades, create DOMs, and create charts!

How to: Use the Auto Rollover feature

You can now make sure you are trading the correct front month of your product with NinjaTrader’s automatic notifications.

When it is time to roll over your current month’s contract, you will get a pop-up showing the applicable contract months with the current and new expiration dates. Simply make sure the Update boxes are checked and click done.


To take advantage of these notifications, make sure you are using the most of up to date version of NinjaTrader 8 which can be downloaded here.

Want to stay ahead of future roll-over dates? Follow NinjaTrader’s Trade Desk Calendar here.

How to: Reset instruments

If you ever need to restore the Instruments to default settings you can do so via the NinjaTrader Control Center Tools menu and accessing Database. In the Database window, click on Update in the Update instruments list. For more information on the Database window please see the Database section of NinjaTrader's help guide.

NinjaTrader Mobile

NinjaTrader Mobile is not currently compatible with the Trading Combine®.

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