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NinjaTrader 7 Connection Troubleshooting
NinjaTrader 7 Connection Troubleshooting
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I can't log into NinjaTrader

If you are unable to log into NinjaTrader, this most likely means that you have not successfully logged into RTrader. Start with Step 1 of the NinjaTrader Connection Instructions.

I can't log into R|Trader

You may experience trouble logging into RTrader during market close, as this time is used to perform maintenance and updates. If you are having trouble logging into RTrader while the market is open, please check for the following:

  • Check that your case-sensitive credentials are entered correctly.

  • Make sure no spaces are included before or after your username and password.

  • Confirm that the System is listed as 'TopstepTrader', NOT Rithmic 01. If Rithmic 01 is selected, click on it to select 'TopstepTrader'.

I don’t see Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage as a connection option

  • From the NinjaTrader Control Panel: Click Help, and check that the correct license key has been entered: @TST-COMB-INE1-RITH-MICF-REE2-LIVE-SIM3.

  • If the correct license key is entered, click on Tools, Account Connections, and remove the Topstep account.

  • Add the Topstep connection again by repeating step 4 of the NinjaTrader Connection Instructions.

I can’t select my account name in the DOM or charts

From the NinjaTrader Control Panel: Click File, and check that Global Simulation Mode is not checked. You will not be able to select your Topstep account if this box is checked.

I can’t uncheck Global Simulation Mode

  • From the NinjaTrader Control Panel: Click Help, select License Key, and re-enter the key @TST-COMB-INE1-RITH-MICF-REE2-LIVE-SIM3.

  • Select “NO” when asked if you want NinjaTrader to be in Global Simulation Mode on startup.

If you have platform connection issues that cannot be resolved by troubleshooting, please contact support here.

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