Quantower Connection Instructions
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Follow these instructions to get connected to your Topstep account in Quantower!

Important Things to Know Before Getting Started

  • During installation, you may receive a pop-up to install .Net Framework. Please allow access to this installation in order for your platform to install properly. .Net Framework installations should be available in your Windows Updates or by conducting a web search for the specific .Net Framework the platform is requesting to be installed. If your computer is up to date, your platform should install without this pop-up message.

  • We recommend downloading Rithmic Trader Pro to keep track of your commissions and fees. Click here to download R|Trader Pro and follow these instructions to connect.

  • ALWAYS monitor your NET P&L in R|Trader rather than Quantower by clicking on Trader Dashboard and locating the column labeled P&L. R|Trader automatically calculates commissions and fees while Quantower does not display your Net P&L accurately in real-time. Topstep® Trade Reports are calculated using the data from R|Trader.

Installation and Connection Instructions

  1. Download the app installer and launch the Quantower.exe file

  2. Select the folder to extract application files

  3. Once an extraction process is finished, the platform will start automatically with an option to select a dxFeed Simulated connection or Binance connection. Please proceed with the dxFeed Simulated connection and click “Let’s Start.” A default workspace will be created.

  4. Navigate to the Quantower toolbar and click on dxFeed to pull up the recent connections.

  5. At this time, you may disconnect the dxFeed connection.

  6. Search for Topstep using the search bar or scrolling down the list. (You may favorite the Topstep connection by clicking on the star next to the connection name).

  7. When the Topstep login window appears, enter your platform account username and password in the appropriate fields. Select the server as "Topstep trader Chicago Area".

    • 👉IMPORTANT: Traders from Asia, Australia, and India are far away from the server in Chicago, and should select a server closer to their location, as shown here:

      You can proceed to the next step once these 3 fields are filled out correctly:

  8. Click on the Connection Settings button and ensure these 4 boxes are checked.

  9. Click Connect for the Topstep connection, and the connection should be established with a green circle next to Topstep.

  10. The dxFeed can be removed from the Quantower toolbar by right-clicking over the name of the connection and selecting Hide from the toolbar.


Getting Started Tips

  • How to place orders on the platform using Trading Panels. Click here to view.

  • How to monitor and flatten positions using Portfolio Panels. Click here to view.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: General Errors. Click here to view.

  • How to view order flow on the DOM Surface Heatmap.

    • In order to make adjustments, click on Quick Settings and change the number under DOM levels count.

    • Order Entry and Imbalance / Sizes can be found in the top right corner of the DOM Surface module.

    • Depth of Market / Level 2 data is required to see DOM Levels.


What is included in Quantower?

Topstep accounts will be provided with the Premium Feature Bundle for free:

  • DOM Surface

  • TPO Chart

  • Volume Analysis Tools

  • Charting (Maximum 2 indicators per chart)

**Level 2 Data is needed to have full access to premium features.

Topstep accounts do not provide the following:

  • Market Replay

  • Strategy Manager

  • Strategy Runner

  • Trading Simulator

**Additional features not listed may require a paid platform license. Additional platform features can be purchased here.

Quantower Platform Support

Quantower support can be contacted here through an online form. Additional information can be found through the online guide.

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