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As of 9/17/2023, it's possible to trade on TradingView by purchasing a new Tradovate Trading Combine and enabling the (free) TradingView add-on.

The TradingView add-on is available for all Tradovate users.

Follow the steps in this article to get started with the add-on in Tradovate.

Platform Versions

TradingView Connection Steps

1. Create a TradingView account or sign in to your existing one with your personal TradingView login credentials. If you do not have a username with TradingView you will need to first create a profile to access the platform.

Note: This profile login is managed by TradingView and is separate from your Topstep™ profile and username.

2. Once you are logged into TradingView, navigate to a Chart, select the Trading Panel tab, and click on the Tradovate logo within the Trading Panel.


3. Next, select Demo, input your trading account login information provided by Topstep™, and click the blue Connect button.


4. Once connected, you can select the account you want to trade, edit trading settings, and add modules like a DOM by clicking on the head and shoulders within the red box in the screenshot below. You’re ready to start trading! 🧑‍💻


More Connection Help

TradingView Connection Troubleshooting: use this page if you encounter any issues or error messages with your TradingView connection or login steps.

How to Switch Accounts in TradingView

1. First, make sure that you have the TradingView Add-on activated.

2. You can check this in Tradovate by clicking on the three lines at the top right to access the Application Settings.


3. When in Application Settings, click on Add-ons


4. If it is not already activated, please click 'Activated'


5. Next, log in to TradingView and open the Trading Panel at the bottom of a chart.


Locate Tradovate in the list of brokers, move your mouse over it, and click Connect.


Log in using your Topstep Username and Password.


You’ll now see your Trading Combine Account and your Practice Account on the list. Just click on the account name and you can switch between them at your convenience.


☑️ Important: Make sure that you have completely logged out of the TradingView platform before resetting your Trading Combine Account. You can reconnect once you have received an email confirming your reset was successful.

Additional TradingView Resources

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