T4 Connection Instructions
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T4 Connection Instructions

  1. Launch your choice of the T4 platform:

  2. Please change the Firm name to "PTP"

  3. Log in using the username and password sent to you in your Account Information email (case sensitive)

  4. Enter your personal information in the boxes provided

  5. Please select "Non-Professional"

  6. Read and agree to the four documents at the bottom and click "Save & Continue"

After you have completed the registration, please restart your trading platform to connect.

If you are still having trouble logging in, please click here.

Helpful information for T4 accounts

  • T4 accounts purchased or Reset after 3PM CT will be created the next trading day at 5 PM CT. We recommend signing up or resetting your account before 2:30 PM CT to make sure your new account is available as soon as possible without an additional delay.

  • Topstep's CTS System does not currently include Micro contracts, so T4 users will not have the option to trade micros at this time.

  • Practice Accounts are not available on the T4 platform.

How to: Permanently save a T4 layout

Once you have your layout set up the way you like it and you have saved it to the server (by clicking on the floppy disk image on the gray main header bar), go to the main bar that has your P&L and Cash and click on the "Properties" button.

Under the 'Main' tab click 'Save Settings to File'. This will save your layout to your computer. This will allow you to reload your saved default layout for every account.

How to: View Net Current Day P&L

The T4 platform will display a Total P&L column when viewing your account. Total P&L will not display the total profit and loss with commissions and fees.

To monitor your P&L in real-time with commissions and fees, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the T4 platform and navigate to the accounts window.

  2. In the top left corner, click on properties and columns.

  3. Use the scroll wheel and find the Net Current Day P&L. Once the box is checked, this will enable the column on the accounts window.

  4. Net Current Day P&L can be moved on the accounts window by clicking your mouse cursor over the column and dragging it to the designated location.


How to: Change contract month during rollover

Select the correct month from your contract window or the chart.


How to: Switch between Trading Accounts


How To: Set up Order Templates

CTS now offers two more advanced-option Order Templates with just a click of a button. Both Standard Batch Orders and Multi-Exit OCOs will allow you to execute up to 16 positions at the same time.

Batch Orders

Batch Orders will help traders who like to scale into positions automatically. A trader will be able to place up to 16 orders at the same time with one click. Please note that these orders will not be standard OCO orders.

Multi-Exit OCO

Any trader that wants to place a single order with multiple Profit Targets and Stop Losses can now do so with a Multi-Exit OCO. By placing one trade, any trader can now have the freedom to set multiple profit targets and stops without the manual work.

More information can be found here.

Platform Support

Download the T4 platform here
​Download the T4 User Guide here

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