MotiveWave Connection Instructions
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Follow these instructions to get connected to your Topstep account in MotiveWave!

MotiveWave Connection Instructions

  1. Download the MotiveWave platform here.

  2. Run the setup program 'motivewave_setup.exe' ('MotiveWave.pkg' on Mac OSX) that you downloaded in Step 1. Complete all steps in this installation wizard.

  3. Run the MotiveWave application by double-clicking on the desktop icon or from the Start Menu (Applications Folder for Mac OSX). On page 2 of the initialization wizard, you will be asked for the license key (this appears in your Welcome to MotiveWave! email)

  4. If you do not have a license key, you can request free by completing this registration form.

  5. Page 3 of the initialization wizard will allow you to create a workspace. Type in Topstep and select a location to save your workspace then click 'Next'


  6. Fill in the following information on the Create Workspace - Choose a Service

    • Service: Select TopstepTrader

    • Username: Type the username found in the Account Information email

    • Environment: Select Chicago

    • Market Data: Select Non-Aggregated

    Click 'Test Connection'


  7. Fill in your password (found in the Account Information email) and click 'Connect'.


  8. Click 'Continue' on the login screen to be taken to your workspace.


How to: Add Commissions

  1. In the Console Menu Bar, click 'Configure'

  1. Click 'Commissions'

  2. Add the commission fee based on the product that is being traded to Unit Cost and click 'Update'
    - Commissions per product can be found here

How to: Roll Contracts

Expired contracts roll over automatically for charts/watchlists.

Alternatively, you can enter the new contract symbol in the quick search box (top right corner).


MotiveWave Platform Support

MotiveWave provides support via an online guide or at

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