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Bookmap Connection Instructions
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Bookmap Connection Instructions

  1. To use Bookmap, you will need an active license key. If you do not already have a Bookmap license key, you can purchase a license key here. Upon registration, you will receive a username and password to log in to your Bookmap portal where you can download the platform.

  2. Once the platform is downloaded, enter your license key in the Activation window. You are now ready to connect your Topstep® account to Bookmap.

  3. On the Bookmap run options screen, select External data / Trading through your brokerage account (real or simulated). If you would like to use Bookmap’s Replay functionality, select Record Live data. This will record your session's data into a proprietary formatted file which you can later replay using the Replay run mode.


  4. The platform will load into a blank workspace that will require you to set up the connection. Click on the Connections tab in the top left and Configure.


  5. Click on Add Connection and select Rithmic as the platform. Enter your Topstep account credentials:

    • Platform: Rithmic

    • Connection Name: Topstep

    • User Name: (found in Account Information email)

    • Password: (found in Account Information email)

    • System: TopstepTrader

    • Gateway: Chicago Area


  6. Verify the connection is enabled to Rithmic under the Connections Tab


  7. Once the connection is established, you will need to add your instruments by clicking on the + button and subscribing to a Symbol.


*Bookmap does require a Level 2 (Depth of Market) data subscription to trade on the platform

How to: Change the contract month

  1. Add a new instrument by clicking the + button.

  2. Specify the expiration month as part of the instrument name.

  3. Click the following for the symbol formatting table.

Bookmap Support

Bookmap X-RAY's help center can be found here under the SUPPORT tab or they can be reached at

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