Investor/RT Connection Instructions
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Investor/RT connection instructions

  1. After purchasing the license key, download the software here.

  2. Follow the installation wizard and launch the program.

  3. Go to File > License... and enter your license information.

  4. Click 'Yes, I agree to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.' and click 'Next'.

  5. Change your time zone to Central Time and click 'Next'

  6. Select whether or not you'd like to use the recommended daily backup settings and click 'Next'.

  7. On the Connect to License Server card, click 'Next'.

  8. After successfully activating your license, click 'Finish'.

  9. You will now be prompted to enter your TopstepTrader® credentials:

    • Username, type: (found in Account Information email)

    • Password, type: (found in Account Information email)

    • Connect To: TopStep Chicago

    • Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'

  10. You are now ready to start trading, pull up a chart under File > New > Chart.

How to: Roll Contracts

  1. Click 'File'

  2. Click 'Open'

  3. Click 'Quotepage'

  4. Then Open the '.AllSymbols Quotepage'

  5. Right-click the contract and choose 'Rollover Future'

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