Trade Navigator Connection Instructions
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Trade Navigator Connection Instructions

*Before continuing, you must click here and reach out to Trade Navigator to request that the Rithmic Plug-in be made available on your platform account.

  1. Click the Trade Navigator icon on your Desktop. The first time you open Trade Navigator it will ask you if you would like to connect to a Real-Time Server. Please choose 'No'.

  2. Locate the blue 'Phone' icon in the top left-hand corner and click on it. A small window will pop up in the center of your platform.

  3. Choose 'Download Special' file, and then click 'Start'. This window should close and another will open up that will download the needed files. This may take a moment.

  4. After the files are done downloading another window will pop up and ask if you would like to upgrade now. Please choose 'Yes'. Follow the prompts until Trade Navigator asks you if you need to re-import Genesis libraries. Please choose "Re-import' and then the platform will open up again.

  5. You should then see a message asking if you would like to Connect to a Real-time server again. This time please choose 'Yes'.

  6. Enter your Rithmic credentials, for system select 'TopstepTrader' and choose 'Login.' Once connected, you'll receive a message stating: 'There is no activity to verify this time.' This is just letting you know your account has no open positions.

  7. Ensure your connection is properly set up in real time.

How To: Find Net P&L including commissions and fees

Though Trade Navigator does not offer the ability to view your current Net P&L while trading, you can monitor your intraday Net P&L via the R|Trader platform. Please follow the steps below in order to install R|Trader on your computer.

Trade Navigator does NOT show your accurate account balance or intraday P&L (including commissions and fees). Please use R|Trader to track and monitor P&L, intraday balances, and account balances.

Use R|Trader for monitoring P&L.

  1. Download the R|Trader platform (Rithmic's integrated trading platform).

  2. Install the program on your computer

  3. Open the R|Trader platform

  4. Sign in using the same username and password provided to you to connect your Trade Navigator system to Rithmic. Select "TopstepTrader" for the System.

  5. Within R|Trader, click on the "Recent Order" icon and you will be able to see any working orders and filled trades for the current day. To look beyond the current day, click on the "Order History" icon.

Trade Navigator Platform Support

Trade Navigator offers additional platform manuals and support resources which you can access by clicking the links below:

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