How do I get started with Topstep?
Updated over a week ago

The first step to getting started and earning a Funded Account with Topstep is to enter the Trading Combine®. The Trading Combine is a real-time, simulated evaluation of your trading performance, and it is built for you to demonstrate that you can manage risk and that our capital is safe in your hands. The Trading Combine is designed to ensure consistency and to get you to your ultimate goal of trading in a Funded Account with Topstep. If you meet the objectives of your Trading Combine without breaking the rule, you will earn an Express Funded Account where you can start taking Payouts from your trading!

Since the Trading Combine is set up to allow you to learn from your mistakes in a safe environment, you may reset your account balance and/or broken rule at any point in the Trading Combine. The Reset button is found on your dashboard. To get started, log in to your Dashboard and click 'Start a Trading Combine'.

Reset prices vary per account size.
50K = $49
100K = $99
150K = $149

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