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What does Maximum Position Size mean?
What does Maximum Position Size mean?
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The Maximum Position Size is the maximum position allowed (absolute value) at any given time. For example, if you have a Maximum Position Size of 5, you may be long 2 E-mini S&P and short 3 Crude Oil.

The table below will show you the Maximum Position Size per Trading Combine Account Size.

Trading Combine Account Size

Maximum Position Size


5 lots


10 lots


15 lots

Please Note: Micros products are considered full-sized lots* in the Trading Combine, Express Funded Account, and Live Funded Account. For example, 1 lot in ES is equal to 1 lot in MES in regards to the Maximum Position Size in our Trading Combine and Funded Accounts.

*Micros and minis are calculated differently on TopstepX. If you are trading on the TopstepX platform, please click here for more information on Micro and Mini sizing.

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