Permitted Products per Exchange

The charts in this article will show you which products are available to trade for each exchange.

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CME Exchange

E-mini S&P 500 (ES)

E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)

E-mini Russell 2000 (RTY)

Micro E-mini S&P (MES)*

Micro E-mini NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)*

Micro E-mini Russell (M2K)*

Nikkei NKD (NKD)

Australian $ (6A)

British Pound (6B)

Canadian $ (6C)

Euro FX (6E)

E-mini Euro FX (E7)

Japanese Yen (6J)

Swiss Franc (6S)

Lean Hogs (HE)

Live Cattle (LE)

Micro Bitcoin (MBT)*

Micro Ether (MET)*

Micro EUR/USD (M6E)*

Micro AUD/USD (M6A)*

Mexican Peso (6M)*

New Zealand $ (6N)

NYMEX Exchange

Crude Oil (CL)

Natural Gas (NG)

E-mini Crude Oil (QM)

E-mini Natural Gas (QG)

Micro Crude Oil (MCL)*

RBOB Gasoline (RB)

Heating Oil (HO)

Platinum (PL)

COMEX Exchange

Gold (GC)

Silver (SI)

Copper (HG)

Micro Gold (MGC)*

Micro Silver (SIL)*

CBOT Exchange

Mini-DOW (YM)

Ultra-Bond (UB)

10-Year Ultra-Note (TN)

Micro Mini-DOW (MYM)*

2-Year Note (ZT)

5-Year Note (ZF)

10-Year Note (ZN)

30-Year Bond (ZB)

Corn (ZC)

Wheat (ZW)

Soybeans (ZS)

Soybean Meal (ZM)

Soybean Oil (ZL)

Please Note: Topstep's CTS System (T4) does not currently include Micro contracts.

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