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Getting Started with TopstepX™
Getting Started with TopstepX™
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Getting Started with TopstepX™

TopstepX™ is a trading platform built for traders, by traders, with features designed to help you succeed in your journey. The platform is available through all major web browsers on any computer.

TopstepX™ provides its own isolated market data feed. Because of this, only TopstepX accounts can access the platform. If you select a Rithmic, CTS, or Tradovate-based platform, you will not be able to access TopstepX™.

Click here to access TopstepX™. You will enter either your username or email address, which are the same as your Topstep profile. The password is specific to the platform and can be reset on this login page.

Once you are logged into TopstepX™, you are ready to trade! Just be sure to select your account in the top left! The default workspace begins with the following features:

  1. Navigation

  2. Account Overview

  3. Trading Activity

  4. Chart

  5. Order Ticket

  6. DOM

  7. Time & Sales

TopstepX Video Library

Click here for over a dozen videos, from a high-level platform overview to short videos designed to teach you more about specific features and settings.

Workspace Layout

You can rearrange the widgets on your workspace by clicking and dragging each widget to a different area. Once you’ve adjusted the layout to your liking, please remember to click the ‘Save Layout’ button in the upper right-hand corner, as shown here:

Multiple Windows: You can pop out multiple windows by clicking the double-square button on the top-right corner of TopstepX™. Once a new window/tab opens in your browser, you can maximize an individual section (Chart, DOM, Quotes, etc.) by clicking the square on the top-right corner of the section. There is no limit to the number of windows you can have open at a time.


The Side Panel lets you navigate to different areas in the platform:

  • Trading - Chart, DOM, Quotes, Account Information, etc.

  • Trader Hub - Social Media, Videos, Economic Events, Coaching & more!

  • Performance Stats - Account PNL, Win Rate, Daily Stats, etc.

  • Settings - Copy Trading, Risk Settings, Charts & Data, Privacy, and more!

  • TopstepTV - TopstepTV is live on YouTube Monday through Friday!

  • Support - Live Chat, Feature Voting, Discord, Help Center, and Support Resources

Account Overview

The header provides an overview of your account while trading:

  • Account Dropdown - Switch between your active trading accounts.

  • Product Dropdown - Select the product you want to trade. This will update your Chart, DOM, and Order Ticket. Currently, only one product can be viewed on TopstepX™ at a time.

  • Account Information - Current Balance, Unrealized PNL, Realized PNL, Maximum Loss Limit, Daily Loss Limit meter.

  • Workspaces - Load, Save, Delete, Add & Reset Workspace Layouts

Risk Settings

You can set default risk settings for bracket orders from the main Settings section on the left Navigation bar.

  • Risk - The amount (in USD) you are willing to risk on an individual position. When this amount is reached, the position will be closed, and your loss will become realized. This is also referred to as a Stop. As you increase/decrease your position size, these values update automatically.

  • Profit - The amount (in USD) you want to make on an individual position. When this amount is reached, the position will be closed out, and your profits will become realized. This is also referred to as a Take Profit. As you increase/decrease your position size, these values update automatically.

  • If ‘Automatically apply default Risk / Profit parameters’ is checked, these settings will be added to any order you enter on the platform.

Troubleshooting Lag / Slowness

If you seem to be experiencing any lag or slowness with your charts in TopstepX, the first thing to do is lower your Data Speed to either slow or medium. The Data Speed setting in TopstepX controls the flow of the data into the platform, and adjusting this setting will help to combat issues related to potential lags with your TopstepX platform. In addition, please remove all indicators from your charts and add them back one by one. Too many indicators, or certain indicators on fast data speeds, can introduce slowness for all but the fastest machines.

TopstepX, unlike many other web-based trading platforms, offers unfiltered real-time data from the exchange (CME) with no artificial slowdown introduced. While this is great on high-performance machines with wired internet connections, it can cause issues on slower machines or Wi-Fi connections.

To adjust your data speeds, follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Settings' in your TopstepX platform, found in the menu bar along the left side

  2. Click 'Charts & Data'

  3. Adjust the Data Settings to Slow, Medium, or Fast. Tip: Hover over the '?' icon to see more details.

  4. Click 'Save'

Watch this video to see how to update your Data Speed in TopstepX.

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