TopstepX™ Charting
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TopstepX Charts Overview

TopstepX™ offers TradingView Charts, the most popular charting tool in the industry:

With TopstepX™, you can have up to 8 different charts open on each screen. Charts can be linked with component(s) via our 'Symbol Link' mechanism so that when you update a symbol in one component, it reflects in your charts. By default, Charts will load with the /ES product unless configured by the trader.

Positions will be shown on charts, as will pending orders. Positions will show you if you are in profit or not, the size, and entry location:

Symbol / Component Linking

TopstepX™ allows you to link components to a color. This provides the ability for you to have multiple components all 'pointing' to a common symbol; so that when you change your selected symbol in one component (the order card for example), the Chart, DOM and Order Card all update automatically.

To link a component to a color, simply click the link icon in the component header and set the desired color. If you do not have that component linked to any color, it will show the 'unlinked' icon:

Once your component(s) are linked, any change to the symbol in a linked component will update all others pointing to that same color. To set your chart to point to a color, simply click the desired chart to make it active, click the 'Add Chart Link' button. This will add a 'Link' indicator to that chart, that you can then configure to point to a color. Now this chart will always show the symbol that is selected on a linked component:

Can I use Custom Indicators or connect my TopstepX account to TradingView?

No, TopstepX provides its own isolated market data feed, so it cannot be connected to other trading platforms, including TradingView.

It's important to note that TopstepX has TradingView Charts, but custom indicators are not currently available. This includes both personal and community customizations. We are working on including these in the future.

TopstepX Charting Videos

The following videos will walk you through some of the charting features on TopstepX.

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