TopstepX™ DOM
Updated this week

Learn more about the DOM features and settings in TopstepX here!

DOM Features

  • The DOM (or ladder) lets you see price movement, the Bid & Ask, and the trading volume at each price level.

  • Set your lot size in increments of 1/3/5/10/15 or +1 / -1.

  • Place Buy or Sell orders at the market price.

  • Join the Bid or the Ask

  • Close the position, Flatten all open positions, Reverse your open positions, or cancel all pending orders.

  • Set a Limit or Stop Market order directly on the DOM.

    • To set a Stop Order; simply right-click on a price level instead of the normal left-click action.

DOM Settings

  • From the header of the DOM, you can set Auto-Center and also click the Manual Center button. These are DOM independent, meaning if you trade with multiple DOMs - these settings will respect each one individually.

DOM Settings Video

  • Click here for a quick video that goes over the DOM, Order Panel, and Time & Sales Settings.

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