When a user has checked in and edited file in error, you can use the ' rollback to this version' feature to undo the changes and restore the previous file. The restored file is added as the latest version number, and the old version with the incorrect change remains.

How the rollback process works

  • A user has checked in an edited file as version #5.

  • After checking in the file the user realizes that the changes made were incorrect, and they need to return to version #4.

  • The user opens the file properties by clicking the row action button and choosing the 'view' option.

  • In the document history panel the user clicks the row action button on the file version number row (like version 4) that they want to return to > and they select the 'rollback to this version' option.

  • This creates version 6 for the file. Version 6 is a copy of the version 4 file, and will be opened when users click check-out or download the file.

Tip: Download the file version first to check the details, and make sure that the fie is the one you need to rollback to.

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