Each rate in Synergy will now have a Rate Category associated. This category will determine if the rate and any budgeted fee associated with the rate is:

  • Internal (e.g. labour and staff)

  • External (e.g. subcontractors, suppliers)

  • Expenses (e.g. office expenses)

This feature allows for an additional grouping to be added in the Budget vs Actuals reports, which will allow you to see what portion of your budgeted fee is internal or external. We’ve also added filters to the Budget and Budget vs Actuals page to help you visualise your category split without the need to run a report.

Where can I find rate categories in Synergy?

There are two main screens to find rate categories. The first is within the Organisation settings (go to Settings > Financial > Rates.

The second place to find Rate Categories is within your Project rates. Simply navigate to a project then Financials > Rates menu.

Can I access rate categories via Premium API?

Yes, we’ve exposed Rate Categories as an attribute for our customers who use our Premium API. Simply navigate to our swagger documentation and navigate to Rate Categories.

To learn more about Premium API, please click here.

Will I be able to report Rate Categories?

We have exposed Rate Categories in our reporting engine for your convenience. Rate categories can be found under ‘Rates’ and can be added as a column and/or grouping to a report.

What is the rate category chart on my dashboard?

This chart is an approximate comparison and breakdown of your budget vs actuals of completed projects in the last 3 months. The purpose of this widget is to give you a quick indicator if your projects are above or below budget per category.

In order to get the most out of this widget, we recommend you complete a budget per project you wish to assess. The quickest way to add a budget is to create a project in proposal mode (that activates planning mode).

We also recommend that you have populated your project dates so we can capture all the completed projects with end dates within the last 3 months.

Please note this chart is available only to PMs and above.

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