You can now filter all three planning boards using multiple filters - for example, by project manager and discipline. You can add more filters by selecting other filter types from the pop-up window that opens upon clicking 'add filter' on the filter panel. You can also remove the filters you don't need and add them later on if required by clicking ‘add filter’. You can also select to remember your filter selection so that they don't get reset every time.

1. Click on the main menu drop-down and select any of the three planning boards.

2. Click on the filter icon and expand the filters you wish to apply.

3. Select your desired filter options and click ‘apply filter’.

Upon clicking, you’ll see your search results. The blue dot on the filter icon indicates that filters have been applied.

By clicking on the filter icon, you can see which filters have been applied. You can choose to delete any filter selection and click ‘apply filter’ to update your search results.

The counter against filters, in this case ‘project status’ and ‘team’, show the number of filter options selected within a filter criterion.

4. Add more filters – You can add more filters by clicking the ‘add filter’ button which opens a pop-up window. Over here you can select additional filters that may not be present on the filter panel by default.

5. You can choose the system to remember your filter selection. So, when you come back to the planning board, your filter selection will stay in place.

You can remove filters by clicking on the remove icon that appears when you hover over a filter.


Revenue forecast

  • All numbers (project/graph) are filtered based on what you are looking at.

  • Project totals will match the sum of filtered stages under it (the graph at bottom of the screen will match the results).

  • The stage percentage will remain as the percentage of the total project, not the filtered project.

Resource planning

  • Staff level pill colour will remain regardless of the filter applied. This allows you to know if the staff member is over-allocated while making your changes.

  • Staff summary numbers and project level numbers will reflect the filter applied.

  • Totals at bottom of the screen will reflect the filter applied.

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