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Use the Active Line
Use the Active Line

Turn Pull Plans into Look Ahead Schedules or expand scheduling dates in the plan view.

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How to Move the Active Line:

Option 1: Expand the scheduling area to add more dates/weeks within the plan view:

  1. Single-click the active line.

  2. Use the arrows and dates to select a new date on the calendar.

Option 2: Activate Tickets from the Pull Plan space into a Look-Ahead Schedule

  1. Click the double arrow on the left-hand side of the screen to open the Active line.

  2. Click and drag the Active line over the sequenced work on the right-hand side.

The Active Line divides the plan view into two areas: the right side is for general sequencing (or Pull Plans), and the left side is where detailed scheduling takes place (Look-Ahead Schedule).

Users can first add tickets to the right-hand side of the Active Line to create their high-level sequence of work, usually leading up to a specific Milestone. Then when the work is around 3-6 weeks out an Admin user will click and drag the Active Line over the work to activate it into the scheduling space. Tickets will expand over the number of days it takes to complete to be scheduled on specific dates.

Users can also start scheduling on the left-hand side of the Active line to create a Look-Ahead Schedule. By single-clicking the active line, an Admin user can expand the active space six weeks into the future. Then teams can add task tickets directly to specific dates in the plan.

Note: The Active Line cannot be pulled to the left over-scheduled tickets once it's activated. Snapshots can be a quick way to undo an Active Line move.

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