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Multi-Select Groups of Tickets
Multi-Select Groups of Tickets

How to select a group of tickets

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Select multiple tickets in a plan to edit, duplicate, delete, or move tickets to a new position.

Option 1: Multi-Select Groups of Tickets

1. Select a group of tickets by clicking and holding in the background of the plan view.

2. When a blue dot flashes, immediately drag the mouse across a specific group of tickets.

3. Use the Multi-Select menu that appears to duplicate, edit, align, or delete tickets.

4. Click on a single ticket to drag the group of selected tickets to a new position on the plan.

5. Click anywhere on the plan view to de-select your group of tickets when done.

Option 2: Multi-Select tickets using Swim Lanes

1. Select the tickets in a Swim Lane by double-clicking on the Swim Lane name.

2. All tickets in the Swim Lane will be selected, click anywhere on the plan view to de-select the group of tickets.

Option 3: Multi-Select Individual Tickets

1. Select an individual ticket by double-clicking on the ticket.

2. Select two or more tickets to open the Multi-Select Menu.

3. To de-select a ticket from the group, double-click on the individual ticket.

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