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Use the Overview to see a birds-eye view of a project’s plan

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The Overview allows teams to see how one plan relates to the other plans in the project.

How to open the Overview:

  1. Click on the overview section on the left-hand side of the plan view.

  2. Zoom in and adjust your view to the correct section.

  3. Click the gear icon to adjust any settings.

Use the Overview to see a birds-eye view of a phase plan. The Overview will provide:

  • Visual representation of all phase plans across a project.

  • View of start and finish dates for each phase (gray bar).

  • View of planned tasks (green bar).

  • View of completed tasks (blue bar).

  • Visual indicator of the Active Lines in each plan.

  • Ability to switch between plans while still viewing the same time frame (double- click on the plan name to navigate to new plans).

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