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Add, Edit, or Move a Swim Lane
Add, Edit, or Move a Swim Lane

Use Swim lanes to visually highlight areas or disciplines of work in plans

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Add A Swim Lane:

  1. Click Plan Actions in the top right corner of the screen and select Add a Swim Lane.

  2. Edit the name and click on the square dropdown to the right to customize the color.

  3. Click Done when details are complete.

Adjust the Vertical Height of a Swim Lane:

  1. Click into the Swim Lane name along the left-hand side of the screen to open it's edit window.

  2. Click and drag the gray bars in the middle of the swim lane to adjust the height.

  3. Select Done.

Move a Swim Lane with its Tickets:

  1. Click the name of the swim lane to open its edit window.

  2. Make sure 'include tickets' is checked to the right of the swim lane name.

  3. Click anywhere within the swim lane to drag it vertically in your plan. (Note: In order to move one swim lane between others there will need to be a space for the swimlane to be placed.)

  4. Click Done once a swim lane is in it's new position.

Swim Lanes can help visually organize tickets within phase plans by highlighting specific locations, areas, or disciplines of work.

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