Use Custom Fields

Use Custom Fields to track additional information in Touchplan

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Create Custom Fields

Set Custom Field Values

How to Create Custom Fields

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Custom Fields

  3. Click the + Custom Fields button

  4. Name the Custom Field

  5. Choose the Custom Fields Type

  6. Select the Ticket Types it applies to

  7. Select the Roles it applies to

  8. Click Save

How to Set Custom Field Values

  1. Open the ticket

  2. Scroll to the custom field options

  3. Fill in the information

  4. Click save

Note: If you no longer want the custom field to show up as on option on the tickets you can toggle off the "Show on Ticket Form" option or check off the "Eye" icon next to the custom field!

Note: If you are adding a clickable link to a Custom Field, you will need to include https:// in the URL (example:

You can view any of this information in the plan and project CSV exports.

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