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Glossary Terms for Admin Users
Glossary Terms for Admin Users

Touchplan terms that every admin user should know.

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Active Line: The line that separates the two sides of the plan view: high-level sequencing (right side) and look-ahead schedule (left side).

Note: This line should be at least 6 weeks ahead of the current date.

Constraint Tickets: Anything that needs to be completed before a task can begin. For example an RFI, contract, etc.

Current Period: The green-shaded area in the look-ahead schedule that highlights this weeks worth of work. It appears after you click “Promise Now", once the tickets have been promised, black pins will show up on those week’s tasks so the ticket status can be updated.

Custom Fields: Custom dropdown, text box, or number options that can be added to specific tickets to track extra task information.

Look ahead schedule: The week-by-week schedule left of the active line, in the form of a Gantt chart to show specific days.

Milestone Tickets: The diamond ticket at the bottom right side of a phase plan used to identify milestones in the project.

Multi-Select/Multi-Edit: Allows users to select multiple tasks by clicking and holding a blank area of the plan, and then dragging the shaded rectangle over a specific group of tasks. Users can then move, edit, duplicate, or delete these tasks as a group.

Next Period (Promise Period): The blue-shaded area in the look-ahead schedule highlights the upcoming week's worth of work. At the top of the shaded section, there is the "Promise Now" button, once you promise the week’s work, black pins will show up on those week’s tasks and the Next Period will be shifted out to the next week.

Phase Plan: Plans that break up the overarching goal of completion. These are the smaller pieces of work that roadmap to the overall milestone of the project. A good example of phase plans would be precon, foundations, structure, etc…

Pin History: Allows users to view any changes made to a specific task across an entire plan.

Plan Milestone: The final milestone in a phase plan, symbolized with the yellow diamond located in the top, right corner.

Predecessor Links: A visual link between two tickets with a critical relationship

Procore Integration: A tool used to link constraints in Touchplan directly to the RFI’s in your Procore account.

Rally Point: Codes to expedite signing up a group of users during a live meeting.

Role Work Schedule: A custom role work schedule allows you to differentiate workdays amongst the roles on the project.

Snapshots: Log used to revert a current plan to a previous version or save a plan in its current form to restore later.

Swim Lane: The area on the phase plan that can help visually organize tickets within phase plans by highlighting specific locations, areas, or disciplines of work.

Task Ticket: The square ticket at the bottom right side of a phase plan that is used to identify tasks in the project.

Variance Reason: The specific reason why planned work is not being completed on time. Variance reasons can either come from delays or ending a task earlier than expected. It is important to track these, as it can be valuable to see what’s holding up the worksite and what is speeding it up.

WBS Sync: A tool that defines the start and finish dates for each plan in Touchplan by identifying the phases in the master project schedule that need to sync.

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