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Exporting Tickets from Touchplan into P6
Exporting Tickets from Touchplan into P6

Save time with the Ticket Export feature to export tickets into P6

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In order for P6 to correctly calculate the critical path based on your Touchplan plan you will need to link all activities together. If you do not link tickets, they will still import but it will not be put on the critical path and P6 will automatically place it on the start date of the plan. To learn more about linking tickets, click here.

To export tickets from Touchplan as a P6 file:

  1. Click on the three-dot button at the top of the Phase Plan List

  2. Select Export Tickets

  3. Choose the P6 Primavera Excel Export Format from the drop-down list

  4. Click Choose Template to upload a blank Schedule Template from the computer files

  5. Set the filters to the desired start/end date, phase plan, location, role, and external linkage

  6. Select Run Report

  7. Click Download

Export File Types:

Touchplan: Export a plan or project into the current Touchplan import template

P6: Export a plan or project from Touchplan into a P6 Primavera Excel file format

CSV: Export a plan or project into a CSV file that includes all ticket details

Note: TASK and USERDATA tabs are required for the Ticket Export P6 template. These sections output automatically by P6.

Note: any Touchplan tickets that share an External Schedule ID with a ticket in P6 will replace the P6 ticket when the schedule is imported into P6.

To create a P6 template to export data from Touchplan in P6:

  1. Click File and Export

  2. Select the Spreadsheet - (XLSX) Export Format option

  3. Choose Activities and Activity Relationships from the Export Type

  4. Select the project to export from in the Projects to Export Window

  5. Optional: select Resources to add additional columns. Touchplan does not support the export of any information outside of the default template.

  6. Click the file to export to, name the file and click Finish

To learn more about how to use the Ticket Export feature visit the Ticket Export Solution Note.

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