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(Legacy Builder) How to connect a Tourial lead form with HubSpot
(Legacy Builder) How to connect a Tourial lead form with HubSpot
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For this, you will need to have a HubSpot form to map your Tourial form leads into your account. It can be a custom form dedicated to Tourial (ie. Tourial - HubSpot Form) or one you're already using (ie. Book a Demo)

If you're not sure how to create a HubSpot form, please contact us, and we can help.

1. In the Tourial editor, add a form to your tourial

2. Click into the form fields to edit them, and decide which fields should be mapped to the HubSpot form.

Note: Make sure the number of fields in your Tourial form matches the fields in your HubSpot form, otherwise you'll potentially send empty data.

3. Save your tourial and select Integrations from your account dropdown menu

4. From Integrations, select the HubSpot connect button

5. Select the HubSpot account you want to connect

6. After successfully connecting, go back into Integrations and choose the tourial you want to add a HubSpot form to. Select "Add HubSpot Integration"

Note: If you do not see the tourial you wish to add a form integration to, you'll need to add the form to your tourial first, and then set up the integration.

7. From the dropdown, choose your HubSpot form

8. Map the Tourial fields to your HubSpot form fields. Then select "Connect"

9. Success! Confirm the connection by sending a test lead through the form to make sure it goes through to your Hubspot account!

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