To create a hover effect on a hotspot that triggers a tooltip, the first thing you need to do is add your hotspot and tooltip from the toolbar.

TIP: It's better to copy and paste your already styled tooltips rather than start from scratch from the toolbar!

Next, click the hotspot > go to the Interactions tab in the sidebar editor > click the Add Hover button > select Toggle Tool for the On Hover field > select which tooltip (or any element) you want to trigger from the Tool dropdown

HELP: Not sure what the name of the tooltip or element is called that you want to trigger? This article should help.

Last, you need to hide the tooltip, and prevent it from displaying right away. Otherwise that defeats the whole purpose of it only being triggered via that hover effect.

To do this, click on the tooltip > go to Display tab in the sidebar editor > click the "Show on Load" so that it's toggled OFF.

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