On average, mobile traffic accounts for 10-30% of B2B traffic (that’s right, it’s not just big B2C brands that drive mobile visits). So naturally, you should be able to build mobile-optimized tours for your visitors that arrive at your site on a mobile device.

Currently, this feature is live for all Tourial accounts but it’s turned off by default.

To turn on mobile tours

  1. Login to Tourial and select the tour you want to create a mobile version for

  2. Click the "Embed" button in the upper right corner of the studio

  3. Toggle on "Enable Mobile"

Note: When the enable mobile toggle is turned on, the embed code automatically updates — you don't have to do anything. Once the tour is live, anytime someone is on mobile they'll see a button to view your mobile tour. Be sure to toggle it off if you haven't finished building your mobile tour and it isn't ready for viewing 👀

Now when you select the mobile icon next to "Preview", you'll see a mobile-sized canvas where you can add screens and create your tour.

Customizing the mobile tour button

When you enable mobile, you'll notice options for customizing the button that will appear for mobile users. This can be styled to fit your branding.

You can change things like font type and color, background and border colors, as well as the size of the button.

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