One powerful thing you can do with your tours is add video in lieu of a screenshot. But that means you'll (probably) want a tooltip to appear after the video is done loading. That way the video can run, and you can trigger the next step for the visitor to take.

In Tourial, this feature is not 100% obvious since you have to take a slight "detour" to make it happen. It's a few steps, but overall, it's pretty simple.

**This article assumes a video has already been uploaded, the controls (play/pause buttons) have been turned off, and auto start is turned on. If you need help with that, check out this article.**

1. Create a new view

2. Set the Zoom level to: 1.001

This is the slight quirk. The 1.001 is required for Tourial to recognize that a zoom is happening

3. Set the Duration to however long you want to wait before the tooltip appears.

Usually, this is the length of the video + 0.5 seconds

4. Set that view to auto start


Wait, what's actually happening here?

Tooltips are designed to appear after a zoom is done running, so we're tricking the tour into thinking you're zooming in when in reality you aren't. You can't tell a zoom is happening at 1.001

The duration of [x] seconds means the zoom is running for that amount of time and then the tooltip should appear.

That's all there is to it!

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