As marketers, we know how valuable Tourial engagement data is when it's stitched together with contextual information about leads and prospects within your marketing automation platform (MAP).

Based on your Tourial plan, you'll have access to the native Hubspot Integration to capture valuable engagement activity across your live Tourials. The Hubspot Integration is only available for Performance and Growth plans.

If you do not have access to the Hubspot Integration but are interested in learning more, click the button below to contact our Customer Success team. We'll be happy to discuss to see if it's a good fit for your business.

Key Elements of the HubSpot Integration

HubSpot Engagement Activity

This part of the integration pushes activity data from visitors' engagement with your Tourials into your HubSpot account.

Once data funnels into HubSpot, it'll be tied to a contact record if that contact is already known and exists within HubSpot.

You can then leverage that data to further segment and nurture leads. For example, you might invite everyone who has viewed a specific Tourial to an upcoming webinar or enroll them in a nurturing workflow to guide them through the funnel to a sales demo or free trial. Tourial engagement data is also visible in the contact record activity feed, providing additional context to sales reps or account executives.

Note: Engagement activity also works for anonymous visitors or people who are not yet contacts in your HubSpot account. Once that visitor converts — either by submitting a form, clicking a tagged email, etc. — their historical Tourial engagement data is retroactively pulled into HubSpot.

Learn how to set up the HubSpot Integration and see what Tourial engagement data is sent to HubSpot.

Tourial Lead Forms

With Tourial lead forms 2.0, users can now funnel form data directly into HubSpot and create new contacts automatically.

Previously, users had the ability to add a native lead form to their Tourial, capture contact information, and have that data emailed to a single email address.

Learn more about connecting a Tourial form with an existing HubSpot form.

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