The Tourial Chrome Extension helps you take high-quality screenshots and video recordings, then allows you to upload them directly to your Tourial.

How to add Tourial's Chrome Extension to your browser:

  1. Click the link and then select Add to Chrome.

  2. Confirm Add extension.

  3. You'll see a confirmation that the extension has been added to Chrome.

  4. You can manage your Tourial Extension by clicking Extensions in the toolbar (the puzzle icon!).

  5. For easy access, select the pushpin icon next to the Tourial Extension. This will pin it to your toolbar.

Signing in to the extension

  1. Click on the Tourial extension icon and log in using your Tourial credentials.

  2. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to take screen captures or record a video.

Using the Chrome Extension

Capture Visible Part of Page

  1. To capture only the visible part of a screen, you'll click on the Visible Part of the Page button.

  2. The extension will automatically resize your page to fit perfectly within your Tourial window.

  3. Now you can name your screenshot. If that's all you need, select Upload to Tourial. If you need more screens, you can continue to capture and name them before uploading.

Capture Page from Top-to-Bottom

  1. If you need to capture the full page of your application, you'll use the Page from Top-to-Bottom.

  2. To upload, select Upload to Tourial.

Note: Avoid scrolling or moving your mouse pointer while capturing the full page in order to get the best result.

Using Edit Mode

You can also edit text on a screen before taking a screen capture. To do so, simply toggle on Edit Mode, highlight the text you want to edit, and then capture your screen when you've completed making edits.

Uploading screens to your Tourial

Continue to navigate through your application and capture each screen necessary. Don't forget to name them for easy organization!

Once you've taken all of your required screenshots, you can upload them into your Tourial Studio by selecting Upload to Tourial.

Now, select the Tourial you want to upload the screens into, or, you can create a new Tourial.

A confirmation window will pop up with a link to view your Tourial.

This will take you into the Tourial Builder where you'll find your screen captures as pages within the Storyboard. They'll also be accessible in the Media Library at the bottom of the screen. To view all screens in the library, select Add Screens.

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