Once you've created your unique Tourial URL, you can use this to share your Tourial anywhere you'd like - social media, messaging apps like Slack, in an email, etc.

When you share your Tourial, a preview image will be automatically generated using the first screen of your Tourial. It'll also add a click icon that makes it easy for users to understand it's a clickable, interactive experience.

Here's an example of a preview image πŸ‘‡

Adding Meta Tags to your Tourial

Located under the same Share button where you created your unique URL, you'll see a section titled SEO Metadata. This is where you'll create a title tag and meta description to accompany your Tourial.

Adding a Title Tag

A title tag is displayed as part of a search snippet or appears in a social post when sharing a link and is important for user experience and SEO.

When creating a title tag, try to include one keyword and keep the length less than 60 characters.

Example Title Tag: Acme Project Management - Take a 2-min Tour

Adding a Description Tag

A meta description works with your title tag to provide additional context and information.

As you create your description, be sure to focus on value, including any necessary keywords. Best practices also suggest keeping it between 150 and 160 characters.

Example Description Tag: Acme's Project Management tool can help your team get organized and save hours every week. See how it works with our two-minute interactive product tour.

Here's an example of a Tourial in the wild that's been shared on LinkedIn. You can see the preview image that autogenerated along with the title tagπŸ‘‡

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