Let's say you built a page that you love in a previous Tourial. It has all the tools, views and interactions and now you want to use that page in another Tourial.

With the Import Page feature, you can easily select a specific page from any existing Tourial in your account and use it in a different Tourial.

To import a page into a Tourial, follow these steps:

Note: Make sure you've named the page in the existing/previous Tourial clearly so that you can quickly find it when importing.

  1. Open the Tourial you'd like the other page imported into

  2. Select the import icon located in the left panel under your pages

  3. A popup will appear. From here, select the Tourial you wish to import from and then select the page

  4. Click Confirm

VoilĂ ! The selected page will import as a new page including any tools, views, and interactions.

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