The Analytics page provides a single place for you to review and understand how your prospects are engaging with any of your live Tourials.

You can access this data from any device to see how visitors are interacting with your Tourials. These insights can shed light on buyer intent levels, show you which parts of your Tourials they're finding most interesting, and how effective your Tourials are in driving conversions.

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What metrics are available?

  • Loads - # of times a Tourial is loaded on a page

  • Sessions - # of times someone has clicked into a Tourial or hovered over an element that triggers an action (showing they actually engaged with it)

  • Unique Viewers - # of individual people who have entered/started the Tourial

  • Avg. Session Time - average length of a Tourial session

  • Avg. Page per Session - average # of pages a visitor clicks through before exiting a Tourial

  • Unique Viewers & Sessions - # of viewers and sessions broken out by individual views and individual pages

  • Time Spent in Tourial - average # of seconds spent on any given view or page

  • CTA Engagement - The total number of clicks and unique clicks on any given call-to-action — this could be External Links (i.e. Request a Demo) or Form Submissions

  • Mobile Sessions vs Desktop Sessions - # of visitors that have viewed a Tourial broken out by device type

Using these metrics to gain insights

Engagement Data

  • If the number of Sessions roughly matches the number of Unique Viewers, then it's likely most visitors are engaging with the Tourial only once.

  • If the Sessions metric is a lot higher than the Unique Viewers metric, then it's likely that those visitors are engaging with the same Tourial multiple times.

Visitors & Sessions Data (Bar Graph)

  • Understand how and where visitors (buyers) are engaging with your Tourial (by individual View or each Page)

Time Spent On Tourial Data (Bar Graph)

  • Understand where visitors are spending the most time in your Tourial (by Page or by View)

Pro Tip: When buyers hone in on a single view, consider building a separate Tourial to diver deeper for that part of your product.

Desktop and Mobile Traffic Data

  • Understand how many sessions are occurring on Mobile devices vs Desktop

Pro Tip: If your mobile traffic is higher than 10%, consider building a mobile version of your Tourial.

CTA Engagement Data

  • See if visitors are clicking your CTAs or submitting your Forms

The Analytics page helps you Understand, Optimize and Validate.


By viewing metrics on pages viewed and time spent per view/page, they can see where buyers are focusing their attention, where they are investing the most time, and what parts of the story they are skimming or skipping past. This is a major value to any team looking for feedback on how their product story resonates with buyers in the market.


With a better understanding of how your buyers are interacting, you can optimize your Tourials and ensure they're being implemented the best way across your sales and marketing mix.

  • Tourials that are too long and complex can be simplified or broken into segments to be more effective with unique audiences or during specific stages of the buying journey.

  • When buyers are getting stuck or dropping off in a single place, that part of the story can be improved upon (or removed) to keep them engaged.

  • You can review engagement data to tailor Tourials for each use case (i.e. shorter, mobile Tourials for outbound motions versus longer desktop Tourials for post-demo follow-ups).


Use analytics to validate success of these three concerns:

  1. The success of your optimization decisions.

  2. The success of different types of Tourials across various use cases.

  3. The success of your investment in the Tourial tool.

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