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(Legacy Builder) Setting up the Marketo Integration
(Legacy Builder) Setting up the Marketo Integration

Connect Tourial to your Marketo account in just a few steps.

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Setting up the Marketo form integration is fairly simple and will only take 6 steps to complete. You'll create a Tourial form and then go through the steps to authenticate the integration.

Initial setup and authentication

Step 1: Open your Tourial and use the form tool to add a Tourial lead form

Step 2: Add the fields you'll want to capture and map to your Marketo form

Step 3: Connect your Marketo account to Tourial

From your integrations page, click Connect to begin the authentication process and connect your Marketo account to Tourial.

Step 4: Complete the authentication process

  1. Within Marketo, we recommend creating a new User Role (if one does not already exist) with Access API permissions

    Note: We also recommend check-marking "Access Admin" so that the new Custom Activity for tourialView is auto-approved. However, this is not required, you'll just need to manually approve the new custom activity in Marketo. See Part 6 in this section.

  2. Then create a new user (ex: Tutorial Bot) assigned with the new User Role

  3. Navigate to LaunchPoint and create a New Service with Type: Custom

  4. Acquire the Client ID and Client Secret to complete the authentication process

  5. Close the Details dialog box, select Web Services, and then find and enter the Rest URL and Identity URL. Click Submit to finish authenticating.

  6. If you did not add Access Admin to the User Role permissions above. Follow this to approve the Tourial Custom Activity.

    1. In Admin, select Custom Activities in the left side menu or main screen.

    2. On the right-hand side, select Tourial View. Then, with that selected, click the Custom Activity Actions dropdown and select Approve Activity.

Step 5: Back in Tourial, choose the correct Tourial form and select "Add Marketo Integration"

Step 6: Map the form fields added in step 2, then click "Connect"

Now you'll see your connected form. If you ever want to disconnect that form, simply click the red Disconnect button.

Success! ๐Ÿฅณ Now you can send a test lead through your Tourial form to confirm it's working properly.

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