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(Legacy Builder) Setting up the Pardot Integration
(Legacy Builder) Setting up the Pardot Integration

Connect Tourial to your Pardot account in a few easy steps.

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Setting up the Pardot form integration is a fairly simple process.

Initial setup and authentication

Step 1: Open a Tourial and add a form using the form tool. Then add the fields you'll want to capture and map to your Pardot form handler.

Step 2: Connect your Pardot account to Tourial

From your integrations page, click Connect to begin the authentication process and connect your Pardot account to Tourial.

Then enter your Pardot Business Unit ID

You can find it by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into Salesforce using the same account you use to log into Pardot.

  2. Click on the Setup tab.

  3. Find the Pardot dropdown and click Pardot Account Setup.

    Once submitted, you'll be asked to sign into SFDC (Pardot) account to finish the authentication process.

Step 3: Create your Pardot Form Handler

Like all Pardot Form integrations, you'll need to use Pardot 'Form Handlers' instead of regular Pardot Forms. Pardot Form Handlers are leveraged by APIs/Integrations - regular Pardot forms are not.

Note: You must be a Pardot Administrator or Marketing role to create Form Handlers

Step 5: Back in Tourial, click Add Pardot Integration

  1. Select the Tourial Form Handler you created

  2. Map the form fields added in step 2, then click "Connect"

Success! ๐Ÿฅณ Now you can send a test lead through your Tourial form to confirm it's working properly.

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