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Setting up your Tourial CNAME record
Setting up your Tourial CNAME record
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Choose your subdomain

To leverage the full power of our Integrations, you'll need to serve your Tourials from your own domain rather than the Tourial domain.

To do this, first you need to decide what you'd like your custom subdomain to be.

For example, or

Note: This subdomain can only be used for your Tourials and should not be used for anything else.

Configure the CNAME record with your DNS (Domain Provider)

To setup a CNAME record with your DNS, log in to your domain provider and point a CNAME record for your chosen subdomain to [youraccountname]

For example, a CNAME record for the account, Acme (, where they've chosen the subdomain to be "tours" would be:

Subdomain: tours


Setting up a CNAME record works a little differently depending on your hosting provider.

Below are guides for some common providers:

If you need assistance setting up a CNAME record and pointing it to Tourial, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

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