User roles give specific people access to certain levels of your system, so that they can help you manage your tournament.

  • Admins have full control over the Tourney Machine account.
  • Tournament Managers can perform all functions within a tournament. They have access to scheduling, score posting, bracket building, etc. They will not have access to the "Admin" section of the account.
  • Tournament Admins can perform all of the same functions Tournament Managers, but they will also be able to create new tournaments. They will not have access to the "Admin" section of the account.
  • The Post Scores role allows the user to post scores to a tournament only. They will not be able to change schedules, or perform any other function of managing the tournament or admin functions.
  • The Stats role allows users to enter the system through a stat keeping software, such as iScore, to pull games and rosters.
  • Tourney Cast Broadcasters - This role no longer exists, please refrain from assigning this permission. 
  • The Coach role is automatically assigned to users who create a coach account in Tourney Team.

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