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Add your Team Members

Add your Team Members

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance : This article will help you understand how Trackier allows you to add multiple Team Members with multiple permission levels. This will help you to manage your business in a streamlined manner.

Follow the entire set of instructions shared here to learn how to add and remove your team members and set their permissions across the MMP dashboard.

Set-Up Instructions

Follow the below mentioned set of instructions to add your team members on Trackier MMP in a hassle-free manner:

Click on add member

Go to your Profile<<My account<<Team members and click on the "Add Member" option.

Addition of details

Add the user details and hit next.

Select the applications

If you have multiple apps added to your dashboard then you can select the app for which you want to provide the permission. Once you have selected the application, click on the next option.

Select the permissions

Here you can select the multiple permission levels. You can customize the permission levels according to your requirements. Click on finish to save the changes.

Permission description for App and Partner management

App Management

  • With the granted app management permissions, one is able to access, generate, modify, and remove settings specific to the application as well as its data.

Partner Management

  • With the permissions granted for partner management, you have the ability to oversee partner information and partner integration configurations. You may access, generate, modify, and remove the settings specifically designed for managing partners.



No access

No access to team member for app and partner management.

View access

Only have view access ( no edit, create, delete access )

Create access

Create access ( No edit or delete access )

Edit access

You can edit the data and settings on the panel but not be able to to create or delete if no access is provided for same.

Delete access

You will be able to delete the data.

Full access

You will be able to view, create, edit and delete the data.

Note : With our multiple permission levels, you can manage your dashboard effectively and decide which features in your Trackier dashboard they can use.

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