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UniLink and Customer Experience
UniLink and Customer Experience

UniLink and Customer Experience

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance : This article will provide you understanding on our Unilink feature, how this feature functionality works on the platform and where you can find the same.

You can create a "single" link where your customers will be redirected to the page you want them to visit. It can be your social media page, web URL, play store or registration page.

Note : In case UniLink is not accessible in your account please get in touch with your account manager for the same.

How it usually works on our Platform

  • Creating a UniLink template that represents various links that your user will be redirected to based on different conditions such as :

    a) New users without your app installed to the correct app store or web URL.

    b) Existing users with your app installed into the app via Android App Links, iOS Universal Links, and URI scheme.

    c) If these are not defined, users will default to the same settings as new users without your app installed (web URL or app store).

Note: A UniLink template is not a clickable link for your end-users; it is the foundation for generating many custom links. Based on the template, you can create many UniLink custom links for the users to click on. You can create more than one template for an application based on your need and requirements.

  • Creating a UniLink : This is the clickable link or scannable QR code displayed in your ads. During link setup, you define the desired customer experience and add any desired parameters.

Where to find this?

  • Inside your Trackier panel you will an option of "Unilink" under Deep linking.

  • Once you click on that you will see the option to create templates for your application.

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