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Anti-Fraud settings

Anti-Fraud settings

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At a glance : Trackier has an integrated anti-fraud capability that can be utilized to counter fraudulent and illicit activities on its platform, thereby preserving your funds and bolstering the general welfare of your venture.

Trackier has in-built feature to optimize your business activities and maintain healthy
installs and events on the platform by preventing fraudulent and unethical practices.

Where to find this ?

--> click on Integrated partners>>select the partner>>switch on the toggle button as per your requirements.

Elaboration to each attribute



SDK Spoofing

  • CTIT too low - When difference click and install time (CTIT) is less than 5 seconds. For instance if you have clicked at 12:04:05 and installed at 12:04:09 which is ultimately less than 5 seconds we will automatically mark that fraud.

  • Secret ID invalid - When the secret ID generated by you over the system/platform and is being passed over SDK received in the request is invalid it will be marked as fraud under SDK spoofing

  • Secret ID mismatch - When secret ID is not found in our database. which means someone is sending random or incorrect values.

  • Minimum App Version Mismatch - When the advertiser has enabled SDK signing and the request is coming from old version of SDK then the minimum specified in the signing key.

    In case either of any above is true it is considered as SDK spoofing

Untrusted Device

  • It blocks installs and events origination from any device with untrusted build.

Blacklist IP

It is possible that analysis can be empty in case the IP is blacklisted in our database. but if not the analysis could show below -

  • proxy_dch or other's starting with "proxy_":

Duplicate IP

  • When install happened time and again from the same IP for the same application we detect it as duplicate IP and mark it fraud under this.


  • When the application is install in emulator.

Fake Device

  • Traffic coming from fraudulent devices

Signature Mismatch

  • When the signature provided in the request and the signature verified in the backend service differs.

Validation Rule Block

  • This check enforces install and event blocking via validation rules set up for this application.

Note: You can also apply this fraud setting on organic events such as ( Installs / InApp Event / Uninstall / Session ) by scrolling to the settings option.

anti fraud

Override fraudulent event settings

If you want your in-app events not to be marked as fraud with anti fraud settings, you can select the event name from the drop down box, post which you can select if same applies to all the media sources/partners or you can select the specified partner or media source from the provided option. You can add multiple events for this option to override the fraudulent events.

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