We recognize the amount of effort and dedication Creators, like you, put into producing Tract content. This is why we support and encourage each Creator by offering benefits and opportunities tailored to fit your specific needs.

1. Creator Payout

We offer a minimum payment for any Creator that publishes a minimum of 1, 2, 3, or 4 missions in the month and interacts regularly (feedback, questions/answers) with the learner community on Tract:

1x = $75

2x = $150

3x = $225

4x = $300

2. Global Creator Community

Become a part of Tract’s Creator community! Attend our weekly team meetings, held every Wednesday at 4.00 PM PST (via Zoom), when you can collaborate, brainstorm, and co-create with your fellow Creators from around the world.

3. Creator Hub

Every Creator has instant access to Tract's Creator Hub which provides detailed best practices, tips, and how-tos so it’s super easy to set up your profile and start creating on Tract!

4. Dedicated Creative Producer

Ryan Chester will be your dedicated Creative Producer to assist with any video production needs you may have, whether it's editing raw video footage or creating a personalized animated thumbnail for your learning path.

5. Tech Gear

After successfully publishing two learning paths, we are happy to send you tech gear to level up your video production whether it’s a green screen, lighting, or a tripod stand. Contact Ryan to discuss your specific requirements.

6. Insights

Receive coaching, tips, and tricks from Tract's creative team to take your content creation skills to revenue-earning levels. We will share analytics with you so you can see how well your content is performing and what you can do to improve it.

7. Letter of Recommendation

If you are a high school Creator, you can receive a college recommendation letter from Tract co-founder and godmother of Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki.

8. Career Guidance

As a Creator, you have access to career guidance and mentorship from Esther and the Tract team; as well as being invited to exclusive fireside chats with notable guests from industries across the board.

9. Merchandise

As a Tract creator, you will receive official Tract swag, think T-shirts, hats, water bottles plus more to celebrate publishing your first learning path!

10. Early Access to Features

Help shape our product roadmap by receiving early access to upcoming product features and releases for beta testing.

11. Celebrations

We love to celebrate our Creators so be prepared for surprises on your birthday, graduation day plus special Holidays throughout the year!

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