After sending an email invite to a client, Travefy displays various icons to show the status of the email. Travefy tracks to show whether it is sending, sent, opened, viewed or bounced. Travefy also shows you whether the client is accessing the itinerary via the online version or mobile app.

  • Sending: The email is being processed and will be sent within the next few minutes

  • Sent: Sent means the email has been sent from Travefy's server successfully

  • Opened: The client has opened the email invite

  • Viewed: The client has viewed the online itinerary or the mobile app itinerary.

  • Bounced: There was a problem with the email, it bounced or was not deliverable.

*Note: Certain email clients can mark an email as opened when it is downloaded to the email system. So sometimes a "viewed" or "opened" email might not have been actually viewed by the traveler if you see that status.


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